General Principles

  1. The CemAssure scheme will be conducted in a co-operative spirit, aimed at assisting participants in maintaining conformance to relevant Australian and New Zealand materials Standards.
  2. The CemAssure scheme will maintain endorsement by JAS-ANZ as suitable for use in accreditation certification
  3. The CemAssure scheme will be overseen by a Board responsible for the operation of the Scheme.
  4. The Scheme Technical Manager will produce a bi-annual report of all audits and outcomes for consideration by the CemAssure Board.
  5. The CemAssure Board shall then direct the Scheme Technical Manager to amend the Scheme web listing of registered products.
  6. The annual registration fee for the CemAssure Scheme is $500.00 (ex. GST) per-product, per-year. 
  7. The cost of the audit will be invoiced directly to the participant by the CAB. After a successful recommendation for registration, the CAB will be invoiced by CemAssure for a certificate registration fee.
  8. Procedures for the review of new products will be determined after the successful launch of the CemAssure Scheme.
  9. The Scheme will be reviewed by the CemAssure Board at least every two years.