Accreditation Body

  • Provision of accreditation to the CemAssure Scheme, the criteria for which are documented in Part 3 of this document
  • Monitoring of CAB’s compliance with Part 3 of this scheme for the duration of the accreditation
  • Report to the Scheme Owner if there is a change to the status of the accreditation of an accredited body.

6.2 Scheme Owner - CemAssure Board

  • Legal responsibility for the Scheme
  • Entity responsible for the activities of the CemAssure Scheme
  • Management responsibility for the participation agreement between the CemAssure Scheme and the participant
  • Management responsibility for the contract between the Scheme Owner and a Conformity Assessment Body
  • Management responsibility for registration activities through the CemAssure website and any actions against false claims made regarding registration
  • Identification and action regarding new and emerging risks to impartiality
  • Financial management of the Scheme
  • Management of confidentiality of information required by the Scheme including publicly available information
  • Adequate resourcing (financial and human) to ensure the operation of the Scheme
  • Meet all process requirements
  • Meet all management requirements with respect to the Scheme Owner.

6.3 Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)

  • Provides evaluation and audit activities in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065 – Conformity Assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services and Part 3 of this document
  • Maintains accreditation for the CemAssure Scheme by JAS-ANZ
  • Meets all impartiality requirements of the Scheme, especially pertaining to provision of auditors

6.4 Scheme Participant

  • Undertakes to fulfil all requirements of CemAssure registration, including any changes which may be communicated by the CemAssure scheme
  • Fulfils the certification requirements and requirements of the scheme identified at Part 2 of this document as part of on-going production
  • Allows for the conduct of the audit and any subsequent re-audit, if necessary, including access to product records, laboratory accreditation and quality system certification and records, results of proficiency testing and access to relevant equipment and personnel, and subcontractors, if necessary
  • Allows for access of audit observers, by mutual agreement with the CAB.