What does the CemAssure Scheme assess conformity to?
Conformity will be assessed to the prevailing Australian, New Zealand or joint AS/NZS standards for cementitious materials. The joint Standards are AS/NZS 3582.2 Fly Ash and AS/NZS 358.2 Amorphous Silica. Australian Standards are AS 3972 – General Purpose and Blended Cements and AS 3582.2 – Slag. The relevant New Zealand Standards are NZS 3122 - Specification for Potland and blended cements (general and special purpose), NZS 3125 - Specification for Portland-limestone filler cement, and NSZ 3123- Specification for pozzolan for use with Portland and blended cement.
Will the CemAssure Scheme have a conformity “mark”?
No, the registration status for a product is communicated through listing on the CemAssure website.
How can I find what products are registered under the CemAssure Scheme?
The list of registered products on the CemAssure website will be free in the public domain.
Who is the endorsing authority for CemAssure?
The CemAssure Scheme will be endorsed by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).
How is the independence of the CemAssure scheme maintained?
The CemAssure Policy and Procedures Manual outlines how any risks will be managed. It outlines the specific requirements for a separation between an assessor and a participant whose products are under examination.
Does the CemAssure Scheme assess products under manufacture, or those despatched?
In line with the relevant Australian Standards, CemAssure registration is for despatched products.
How do I specify materials registered under the Scheme?
Suggested clauses for referencing in specifications are available here.
How is the CemAssure Scheme funded?
The CemAssure Scheme will be funded through the payment of a fee per registered product by the participant organisation
How much is product registration in the CemAssue Scheme?
An annual fee of $500.00 (ex. GST) per-product, per-year is required for registration in the CemAssure Scheme. The cost of the audit will be negotiated between the applicant/registrant and the CAB.
Are there proficiency test programs for cementitious materials?
Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA) operates an annual proficiency testing program for laboratories undertaking cement chemical and mechanical testing in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. A similar proficiency test program for flyash, slag and amorphous silica is under development.
Will the CemAssure Scheme be restricted to a single Certification Assessment Body (CAB)?
No, but given the relatively small number of products to be assessed, it is anticipated a single CAB is all that will be required.
How often are registrations undertaken?
Full site audits are undertaken annually or 2-yearly at remote sites. Product data audits are undertaken in the intervening 6-month interval.
How can I find out further information?
Contact the CemAssure Scheme Technical Manager by phone (02) 9667 8300 or email info@cemassure.com.au